Sunday, June 28, 2009

Off and running

The Center opened June 4th as scheduled, but I've been so busy with details and things that wouldn't show well, that I've had plenty of excuses not to update this. Sorry!

Here is the 'finished' exterior. Still needs signage, but that will come.

YES! We Are Open! Come on in, please!

"The Nursery" - Dolls by Elsie Reed, so realistic I keep expecting to hear them crying.

Weaving by Cathy Roetzler. Some of the handbags on the wall she not only wove the fabric, but had the guts to cut it up!

Some of the glass sculptures by Dave Perkins and wood turnings by Lyle Solem.

Photos by Mary Trella, wood toys by Joe Kempke and whimsey from Cindy Bandel.

Wearable art by Jean Munson.

The glass studio portion of the Center.

Water colors by Dona Schuman.

I love sunsets and this was a good excuse.